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KING KN-62, KN-62A, KN-64 Lens - installation directions

Material - .062" (1/2 translucent black, 1/2 black / white text) 1 piece



Before you begin: Check to see if you received the proper faceplate insert. Are the numbers the same as your radio? Does it fit correctly? Although the holes and text will be the same, many faceplate manufacturers made different widths or heights of the same faceplate. (Just to make life a little more interesting)

1. Have this insert installed by an avionics shop if you do not have all the proper tools, are not a qualified technician or are not sure you are capable of doing this job. 
2. Remove the four retaining screws, two from each side.
3. Pull the faceplate from the radio.
4. Remove the old lens
5. If the faceplate needs painting continue otherwise go to 9. 
6. Sand or clean the aluminum faceplate as needed. Paint the entire faceplate with a quality paint such as Krylon's 1613 Semi-Flat Black.
7. After the paint is fully dry, carefully scrap off the paint from the text and trim band using the back end of an X-Acto blade or sand paper. 
8. Paint the entire faceplate with a quality paint such as Krylon's Matte Clear paint to protect the freshly exposed aluminum from oxidation.
9. Place the insert into the aluminum frame.
10. Use silicone caulking or GOOP glue to secure the lens to the aluminum frame. Use a small screw driver or similar object as an application device to put a small amount of adhesive at each of the four corners of the lens. Be careful not to let any become visible looking through the lens.
11. Install faceplate and secure with the four retaining screws. 
12. Tell all your aircraft buddies about Aircraft Engravers and place the enclosed sticker on the metal case for future reference.  

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