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Custom Placards

Your choices are almost as endless as your imagination.  Besides offering different styles of overlays, Aircraft Engravers also provides a wide range of material and color options for your consideration.

All custom work will have to be quoted for price & delivery scheduling.

Would you like to view a larger selection of actual drawings and images of work that has been completed?  I need your input, I have thousands of drawings and many images to put online and will need your requests.  Aircraft request survey     


Please note: Most of our engraving jobs are custom made so you will probably not see exactly what you want here. However, the machining process to make a placard, sign or overlay is exactly the same process whether it is to be used in a grain solo, office building or the space shuttle simulator. Even though Aircraft Engravers specializes in doing work for aircraft related products (because of our in depth knowledge of dimensioning and tolerances needed to produce quality work) we can engrave for other industries also. What can we do for you?  

Material Selection

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These 5 panels represent the different material types Aircraft Engravers uses.

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Material Name


Lexan Textured Ultra-Matte Painted
Thickness .020", .032, .062", .125" .020", (.010" Special order) .062", .125" .032", .062", .125" N/A
Characteristics Front Engraved Reverse Engraved Front Engraved Reverse Engraved Front Engraved
Scratch resistance Medium Excellent Very Good Medium Very Good
Compressibility Medium Excellent Medium Low Very Good
Hiding finger prints Medium Excellent Excellent Medium Depends on paint
Contrast of text Excellent Medium Excellent Very Good Excellent
Colors available Very Good Excellent Good Good Excellent
Multiple text colors in same piece Very limited Excellent None Excellent Very Limited
The Pros and Cons are very subjective to each application.
Pros Super sharp contrast between text and color. Great for use in night/ IFR flight readability.  Excellent in most areas. Tuff as nails in durability. Multiple colors in one placard.  Durable, hides most scratches and all finger prints Very clean, sharp text. Multiple colors in one placard. Looks as if it came from the factory as original equipment. Exact match to your paint colors.
Cons Does not have the highest scratch resistance Contrast MAY be a concern in low light / night flight Limited colors, does not come thinner.  Limited colors, does not come thinner. Scratches and dents moderately. You have to paint the panel before it's engraved.



Pick thumbnail to view larger image

glasair throttle2.jpg (392405 bytes) t-p-m.jpg (131701 bytes) glasair-cb-51.jpg (21062 bytes)
Glasair Throttle Quad Throttle Inserts Glasair III - Circuit breaker panel  Lancair - Instrument and Circuit breaker panel
.020" Lexan, Light gray/Black text .020" Lexan, Black/White Text .032" Matte Black/White text .020" Lexan, White/Black text
Unknown switch panel
Cessna - Switch and circuit breaker panel, manufactured per the owner supplied drawings and templates 

Customer's drawing specifications for these jobs and pricing will be added.

Directions for applying large placards and overlays

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 info@engravers.net          (860) 653-2780          Fax (860) 653-7324


Appilication Inst. Drawing Specs


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